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Keep your Durango Commercial Building Free from Mold

3/7/2022 (Permalink)

Mold in the wall Mold in the wall

Mold can be very challenging to deal with. It can sometimes be challenging to spot, they pollute the air, and they can even threaten the structural integrity of your establishment. Once it starts, it can spread very quickly. Not only can it cause damage, but it can affect people’s health.

Mold is primarily caused by uncontrolled moisture that can grow on various surfaces, cloth, carpets, drywall, and wood. With a large commercial building keeping everyone cool or warm, condensation can form and provide the mold the moisture it needs to spread.
Regular cleanings and maintenance inspections will help keep mold from taking over the building areas that are not often used.

Service your HVAC unit

It’s essential to ensure that the HVAC system remains clean and good condition. If your filters are clogged up with mold spores, then every time you turn the AC on, you’ll be blowing them around the building. The vents, ducts, and the rest all need to be maintained.
When the air is not moving through the vents, dust and mold can sit there, so the room fills with it all when you turn it back on. Any amount of hair, dust, dirt, animal hair and waste, and mold can be in the vents.

Minimize moisture

Mold thrives on moisture. The more excess dampness you have around your commercial building, the more chances you have of ending up with a mold problem. Condensation can form during the hot months, during the cold months, at any time, and people can cause condensation.
A dehumidifier will help draw moisture out of the air. It can make a big difference in a significantly populated building, and turning off the heat or air conditioning is not an option.
Please put them in areas when moisture is prevalent. Basements, upper floors, kitchens or cafeterias, shower rooms, laundry rooms, and anywhere that has excessive moisture. Remember to check windows and doors for condensation build-up too. If you see a lot of humidity here, this could signify that you need new windows.

Make Repairs fast

Fixing minor problems will help them from becoming big problems. Leaks in the roof or foundation, cracks in the walls, gaps around windows, taps, pipes that drip or leak, and faulty thermostats. Unfortunately, the longer you leave problems unattended, the worse they can become.
These can all allow heat and cold air in or out, making it harder to control the humidity inside the building. Always try to catch water damage and leaks before the added moisture can cause long-term damage.

Stay vigilant

Mold isn’t always noticeable straight away. It’s a great idea to have your maintenance team take care of regular checks and repairs but hiring a professional to inspect the building can help. They can spot areas that may be developing mold that you are not aware of.
Dark spots, fuzzy patches, musty smells can all appear anywhere, like carpets, walls, ceilings, floors, under sinks, behind walls in shower rooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen areas. They are also great at finding areas of potential mold too, so you can stop it before it gets a chance to start.

Seek professional support

Finally, remember that every commercial building often has its unique issues and requirements to consider.
If you find mold, call a professional team to take care of it right away. You don’t want to try and clean it by yourself.

Our SERVPRO team are Professionals who have the right tools, equipment, and products to take care of it. We specialize in mold removal from residential and commercial buildings and can assist with ridding your property of any mold and residual spores.

You can trust SERVPRO of Durango to take care of any mold problems you encounter in your commercial building. We are a 24/7 emergency response. Call us today at 970-259-6184

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